Rudi van Santen, Brockville Ontario, Canada

Hello van Canada,

My name is Cornelis Rudolf van Santen (Rudie). I was born in Nijmegen in 1942 and for the first 3-4 years lived on board a sleeboat with my parent and one jonger brother. My dad was an Schipper, he came from Lith aan the Maas, our mother was born in Venlo.
When we moved on land, my dad worked for 3-4 years in the Dubbellman zeep factorie by the train bridge on the Graavseweg. I remember living on the Munt weg in Nood woningen, then we moved to Bosbes straat 33 with my parents 2 brothers and one sister. We were the first new people to move in the new housing. Across the street was a large open field all the way to the Molen weg and their was also an coal supplier who had fruit trees and a bunker in his fenced yard. I remember going to school for 2 years on the Koninginenlaan were now their is a new road and a tunnel going to the train station. Then i went to a new school on the bottem of the Wolfkuilse weg Mr.Hammers was the head master. Had 2 vriends named Martin Klaassen and Pierre Kilkens. Went swimming on the Goffert the new swimming pools at that time,
Went for 2 years to school in Amsterdam Zeevaart school the Koningin Wilhelmine when I went their I remember we went to a event because we had uniforms. next to me standing was Prince Bernard that was I think in 1956.
We came to Canada in June 1957 to Prescott Ontario lived their for 2 years moved to Brockville Ontario been here eversince, got married and have 3 children.
Only been back 3 times I always visit Nijmegen and the Waal it has changed so much and got lost.
All I remember is going to church on the Graavse weg close to the molen we went swimming in the Waal by Weurt I think they called it the Grind Gat.
All I know I am still a Nijmegenaar in my heart and I miss it.
Yours Rudie van Santen

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