Paul Wienen, Madeley, West Australia

Living in Australia sinds 1951. About my family, I was born at the Willems weg 50 nijmegen, My parents had a hairdressers salon ladies and gents at above address. 

The picture is of my father, Wilhelm paul wienen and myself Paul,taken at 19 sept.1944 Willemsweg 50

First interesting story on May the 10th 1940. We where woken up with a hell of a bang with not a piece of glass in our windows; the solders had blown the 2 bridges near our home. We went to school for rest nothing special. After schooling I started hairdressing, working for Coops in Smetius straat in those days. Tuesday was a afternoon of, when hell brook lose 22 Febr. 1944. I was at home at the time so was My father, creaming the city is bomb, how he knew so quickly I still do'nt know. I did ask him how he knew, the less you know the better it is, much later, that was years later, I thought about it. He went to the cellar every day at 6 o'clock to feed the rabbits. Nobody was allowed to go in the cellar and I never tried. anyway My father said to me "you go to station plein see if you can help". I had no idea what was waiting for me there, the first casualty was near Van Campen (steel merchant) no idea about anything like that I nearly fainted. It was a mess, a other person came from no where and said after looking, he is dead, I was only 17 at the time but he said come with me and we did run towards the station, what a mess, body's every where, people creaming and calling for help, mind you I was there about 15 minute after My father got the call, I rather not go into detail, but still have nightmare about, it still take my head of for the ambulance, doctors, nurses, german soldiers and not to forget luchtbescherming.


Nina Wienen, 28-08-2009: Hi to everyone
Sorry to tell you by email but Paul passed away peacefully in his sleep early on Monday 24th of August. The funeral will be held Tuesday 1st September 2009.
Best wishes to you all, Nina Wienen



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