The Hezelpoort. This is a so-called double gate, where the front gate was built in deviation from the axis of the street. Projectiles directed towards the front gate would therefore never reach the main gate. Because of this, the Hezelpoort was the most impressive entrance gate of the city. On January 26, 1876, the demolition of the city walls was started by breaking down the Hezelpoort.

Bridge across the St. Jacobsgracht, part of the old city moat, outside the Hezelpoort. This moat, which was alternatively called 'Halve Maan', was filled up in 1879.

The Hezelpoort from the inside. On the left, there is a stable for horses again and above the gate is the gatehouse. Stone tablets decorate the gate, one of which bears the text: 'If God is on our side, who can turn against us'. Near the lantern post a sign can be seen which depicts the prince of Orange (Willem II) on horseback wearing a cocked hat and grey trousers.

View of the Hezelpoort. This view through the Hezelstraat gives a good impression of the enclosed life in the old city. On the right, halfway along the houses, the sign of the Gold Lion can be seen.



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